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Boat Park

Tony Pratt has taken over as Boat Park Officer from January 2018.  Tony will manage the allocation of storage and produce identification stickers for boats and tenders.  Tony Pratt


The Winch installation is now complete and commissioned. This installation is aimed directly at those looking to sail heavier dinghies when other assistance is not available.

The Club will issue a Users Guide for the safe operation of the Winch.

There is a limit to the length of boat that can be safely recovered to the top of the slipway of around 5m and there are limits to the Winch capacity and the installation design.

The Yacht Club Committee has decided that the Winch is to be used for heavier double-handed dinghies, such as the Wayfarer; heavy tenders and subject to approval, other smaller craft.

The recovery of Cornish Shrimper type craft will not be permitted.

Interested Members are now invited to respond to this notice advising as to whether they wish to be instructed in the safe operation of the Winch.

Please email info@ndyc.org if you wish to receive instruction. This will be organised in small groups, probably at a weekend before / after racing.

Approved Users

To ensure both your safety and that of others using the Boat Park:

You may only use the Winch having 1) attended a User Briefing AND 2) with the approval of either the Club Secretary or Committee Members Barry Vincent or Philip Coles.

Should you wish to launch or recover a craft in excess of 1000kgs, specific approval is required from BOTH the Club Secretary and Barry Vincent.