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Membership of the Cadet section is open to children aged from 10 years to 17 years inclusive.
To take part in any of the cadet courses, or use the cadet boats for racing and practicing children must be members of the cadet section. If you wish to join the cadet section of the club please e-mail info@ndyc.org asking for a membership form.

Cadet Racing
Once again the club will be running the Brannam Cup.

Cadet Use of Picos
The Cadets are allowed and encouraged to borrow the club picos to practise sailing. All users of Club Boats must be paid up members of the Club. Club safety rules must be followed. There must be a safety boat on the water.

Picos can be used to practise sailing by Cadets with Stage 2 and above with permission of the Officer of the Day, who will specify permitted sailing areas close to the club. Cadets should bring their log books for inspection by the Officer of the Day. The Officer of the Day will not give permission for the Cadets to sail if they consider the sailing conditions to be too much for the Cadet or if all the rescue boats are being used well away from the Club.

Pico Racing
Cadets can borrow the club picos to race in the following:
The Brannam Series - the helm must have at least Stage 3 and crew Stage 1.

Handicap 2 races - the helm must have at least Stage 4 and crew Stage 1. Sometimes during Open week cadets are allowed to helm the picos with Stage 3 in Handicap 2 race.
They will have to pay a race fee to enter the Handicap 2 race. This fee is payable to the Officer of the Day.

If Cadets wish to borrow Club boats they need to apply for permission, using the form here.