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New Members 2018

Welcome All New Sailors!!! We are friendly club and always welcome new members.

Below are the prices for annual membership and boat parking fees. New Members do not need a proposer, but please note that there is a £27.30 joining fee.

Please be aware that you must be an active sailor to keep your boat at the club and we do not have space for you to house your boat here while you make fundamental repairs (due to a shortage of space and excess demand).  Also joining the club just to park in our car park in Instow is not allowed. 

Download the membership application form.

Membership Fees

Full Family (incorporating children up to and inc. 17 years, excluding cadets) £139.10
Full Individual £102.70
Associate Husband & Wife (restricted to over 60 years and no longer actively sailing)£84.75
Associate (positively restricted to over 60 years and no longer actively sailing) £53.55
Cadet (Age 10 and up to and including 17 years wishing to participate in cadet activities) £43.70
Student (Proof required of full time education) £43.70
Country Family (Members living further than, and having no other home within, 30 miles of Instow) £82.45
Country Individual (Over 30 miles as above)£53.55
Overseas Resident £44.75

Boat Park Fees

  Summer Only
 Summer and Winter
  15/4/18 - 15/10/18 15/4/18 - 14/4/19
Tenders  £36.75 £55.65
Outboard Shed £30.00 £35.00
Sail store  £38.00 £40.00
Catamarans over 15 feet £77.75 £193.90
Catamarans 15 feet or under £65.90 £162.00
Monohulls over 11 feet (e.g. Pico) £49.45 £118.00
Monohulls 11 feet or under (e.g. Mirror) £39.70 £97.50

Keys vary in price, and are recharged at cost.

 Access Card
 Gate Key  £27
 Engine Store Key £16
 Sailstore       £8

Temporary Membership Fees

All Temporary Members must complete and sign a Membership Form and pay the required fee IN ADVANCE 

 Family Weekly£42.00
 Family 3 Day   £33.50£33.50
 Single Weekly  £33.50
 Single 3 day    £24.50
 Dinghy Park per week £24.50£24.50
 Dinghy Park 3 Days £18.00£18.00

Club Hire

Hiring by club members for a function £25 + bar + cleaning
Hiring by club members for meetings or short periods £8 per hour
Hiring by club members for commercial purposes  £10 per hour
Hiring of club for non members £250 per day (8hrs) or £40 per hour

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